What is an Experience Planner?

Your planner provides bespoke cultural and social experiences for employees, clients and prospective business associates. Your planner will impress and entertain on your behalf by providing an array of packages to suit your business’s objectives. Your Experience Planner looks after all of your company’s social needs from impressive team building exercises to Christmas parties and everything in between; an important area of your business now ticked off your to-do list.

Understanding the importance of nurturing meaningful connections within the workplace, your planner orchestrates remarkable experiences, leaving a lasting impression on your associates.  These experiences are provided by the employer to foster the development of strong connections among your employees which will positively influence employee productivity.


Why You Need Us

Brands that excel today are those that nurture and support activities which encourage  real connections; your Experience Planner gives your business an edge by weaving a critically important social fabric within the workplace.

Companies shouldn’t just think about building belonging with customers, but also with employees as studies show that 87% of workers are disengaged in their work (not involved, enthusiastic, or committed)*,. An Experience Planner offers your brand the opportunity to foster real person-to-person connections thereby, increasing job satisfaction and engagement in your workforce.

What You Get


Brands that create experiences that deliberately foster the conditions for diverse people coming together for shared experiences are those that see the value in their employees happiness.


Actively building a tribe in your workplace helps to forge meaningful connections which will promote deep loyalty for your company.


Showing a genuine interest, both in current employee’s and, incoming employee’s wellbeing is crucial for peek engagement in the workplace.


People are both more globally connected and, more locally isolated than ever before. Working with a Experience Planner allows you to take on a professional to address this workplace downfall.

‘People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did but, people will never forget how you made them feel’
Maya Angelou

What We Do


Social Planning

Social outings are an excellent way to build connections in the workplace. The options can be tailored to your budget.


Culture Talks

Excellent for new employees who are settling in or, existing employees looking for a fresh outlook on their city.


Bespoke Tours

These tours can focus on any of Dublin’s many offerings from culture, family fun, food and wine or, niche interests.


Culture Itineraries

These itineraries can focus on teambuilding or, increasing cultural knowledge for employees and business associates.


Party Planning

With years of experience in the industry, Sarah has exactly the contacts you need no matter how niche your requirements are.

Our Story

Having built her Dublin culture-focused social media to over 50,000 followers, Sarah is a Dublin expert through and through. Born and raised in Dublin, Sarah developed a passion for exploring the city’s dynamic culture in college, utilising her research skills to uncover the most niche experiences. In 2013 Sarah decided to put her expertise to greater use by creating a Dublin Culture website; becoming full time in this role less than 2 years later through working with brands such as BMW, Garmin, Primark and Google Maps who wanted Sarah to share her knowledge of Dublin with their global audience .

Sarah now runs a subscription service where eager culture enthusiasts have her Dublin Event Guides delivered straight to their inbox each week; satisfying requests for more by offering personalised cultural experience planning for her loyal social media following who describe her passion for Dublin as infectious. Along with her dedicated team, Sarah is ready to plan your Dublin experiences.

‘It can’t be overstated: a happy employee equals higher productivity. These days companies can’t afford to ignore the importance of workplace happiness.’
Nidhi Singh
Former Entrepreneur Correspondent

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